The Gimmick Room

The Gimmick Room

Power P and Ramon "Red Eyes" Bermudez both work for the pro wrestling company Pro Graps Worldwide. P is a retired wrestler, and the Head of Talent Relations, and Ramon is the Head Writer and Booker. Every two weeks they meet up in the writer's room to come up with new gimmicks for PGW. What they don't know is that their sessions are being recorded in secret and being released as a podcast.

((The Gimmick Room is a fictional podcast created by Eli Alaimo and Jonathan Alvarez. PGW is not real. At least not yet.))

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    65: They're Called Deathmatches Because They Defy Death

    In a shocking twist nobody saw coming, Pro Graps WorldWide is in dire financial straits! And P has found out that they can't just fire wrestlers! So they come up with a plan with Ramon to turn PGWW into a deathmatch company for a while, and put wrestlers in increasingly dangerous matches. Whatever happens, happens! There's empty pools, UV light, and an entire hardware store's worth of plunder!

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    64: Worldwide Tussling Performed By Professionals

    Marlowe, the intern who fired a bunch of people a few months ago, is back with their senior thesis on how to improve Pro Graps Worldwide! And P helped write it! It's hell for Ramon! There's sub-based wrestlers, single-word name wrestlers, and a bold new direction for the Pro Graps Worldwide brand!

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    It's the biggest show of the year on the biggest holiday of the year! The Monster International is happening on Halloween! And all the wrestlers beat up Ramon and left the venue so now Ramon and P have to come up with all new gimmicks to cobble a show together! There's horses, sharks (oh god so many sharks), two kinds of squids, marshmallows, and HOLY SHIT THERE'S A MUMMY

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    62: We Just Don't Know How Curses Work

    P's Haunted Apartment has led to further problems: all they can come up with are extremely cursed gimmicks! Ramon isn't helping because his gimmicks are very cursed as well. In this one there's roman immortals, plant blood, glass bones, and waterfall daredevils!

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    61: Dead Men Take No Falls

    Power P's apartment is haunted!!! At least that's what they think! So Ramon helps them go through a number of recently and no so recently deceased wrestlers to figure out which specter is residing in the walls of P's home. There's cigarette smoking bar bouncers, a man with a radiator, a man with a blender, and an old rival and friend of P's!

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    60: ASMR Stretch

    Ramon and P have a meeting that starts as concern for how bad the wrestlers clothing smells and it turns into a regular day at work! In this episode there's wargamers, candy heads, wizards who are spies, and explorers who wrestle but teach children Spanish!

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    59: The Punch Drunken Masters III: Philly Corgan

    We're back in the octagon with Ramon's MMA podcast with Diamond Keegan! This week Ramon reports on WFC Presents: Wisconsin Death Trip [name shortened] and Diamond Keegan gives their input on the latest from the World Series of Stickfighting. Along the way both Ramon and Diamond have a frank discussion about rules and legislation in MMA, and how it's not getting better anytime soon.

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    58: X-PacSun

    Have you been to the mall lately? It's full of wrestlers, believe it or not. Sure as hell ain't fulla stores!! HEYOOOOOOOOO. This episode is filled with cigar aficionados, battle robots, alt rock gas station managers and russian dashcam footage!

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    57: Please tell me about Blood Boy

    P and Ramon both made so many garbage-ass puns oh god. There's a boy leaking blood, a lady with a rock skeleton, party kids who love blocks, and a man with the worst typo in the world for a name.

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    56: Hœrségírlê

    Ramon knows how to pronounce it. P doesn't. There's a lot of Jims in this episode. Or rather, Gyms. Gym's? G-eye-ms. Oh and vinegar tricks too. This ep is all over the place.

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    In this episode P and Ramon absolutely fucking butcher the French language. Along the way there's French Canadian Ghouls, a burger franchise heir, moshers in ties, and a discussion abou-GOOGLE CUIL THEORY GOOGLE CUIL THEORY GOOGLE CUIL THEORY GOOGLE CUIL THEORY GOOGLE CUIL THEORY GOOGLE

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    54: Deathmatch For Cutie

    P has some really bad opinions on matinee movies, which sets the tone for the kind of gimmicks they come up with this week! If you had "30 seconds" in the "how long until Ramon gets fed up with P" raffle, congratulations, you won. This week there's gameshow rappers, wrestlers who only work in the morning, elementary school instruments, and emo and ska, together at last.

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    52: The Hirsute Heavyweight Yiff Yusef

    For once, P and Ramon have a normal day at work! And by normal day we mean coming up with some out there gimmicks. There's coffee assassins, a guy who loves bacon, a very hairy man, a bunch of lawyer trees, and the return of a VHS comedy star!

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    51: 4x4 Gotch

    P's back! And turns out their training was watching hours and hours of car racing! It absolutely affects their work. There's centaurs, drafting, tons of jobbers, and the dark and seedy world of wrestling for PINKS.

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    50: The New Intern Fires A Bunch Of Wrestlers

    P still isn't around, so this week Ramon is working with Marlowe, the new unpaid intern! And Marlowe's first assignment is to fire a bunch of wrestlers! Uh oh. On the chopping block are bikers, alchemists, bowlers, and strap match masters!

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    49: The Punch Drunken Masters II: Hairpulling Is Legal Now

    With Power P out for a while this week we shift to Ramon's actual MMA podcast he runs, the Punch Drunken Masters, where he goes over the news and headlines of the world of MMA with freelance MMA journalist Diamond Keegan. There's injuries! Companies shutting down! Companies coming back! And the dubious legal stances of both body hair and performance enhancing drugs.

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    48: JNCOzuna

    Power P is taking a vacation to go to an MMA training camp to get ready for their big in-ring return this year! So before they leave it's time to go through the resumes that are always piling up. There's anime fans, bad teachers, a giant robot, cigarette lobbyists and an idea that P and Ramon come up with together in a magical moment.

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    47: The Powder Tower in Glastenbury Vermont

    It's Winter Break! The other kind! Power P booked a show at a ski resort and all the gimmicks are snow-themed this week! There's cyberpunks, obscenely strong people, a guy in a hot tub, hot drinks, snowmen, and the return of a classic gimmick, now with Winter Action Accessories!

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    46: Vinny the IT Guy: That's Just How IT Works

    It's a new year and Ramon and P are back on the work grind! But P is on the workout grind as well! Is their comeback training affecting their work? Probably, it's kinda hard to tell. In this episode there's mafia, mafia cities, IT mafia, horse mafia, and giant robot mafia.

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    45: A Clothesline Carol

    On a very special episode of The Gimmick Room, Power P comes to a crossroads in their life when they're visited by three (actually five) spirits who warn them of their future. What's going to happen to Power P in 2019? Are they going to turn over a new leaf?

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    44: Auntie Rotten's Xmas Spectacular

    Ramon tries to skip out on work for a christmas party, but P catches him and makes him come up with christmas themed gimmicks! Honestly it's a real dick move by P. In this episode there's nog, angels, robots, family members who don't have their shit together, and a band that Ramon thought P was making up as a goof.

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    43: Sailor Moonshine's Party Palace

    Procrastination comes to roost as Power P and Ramon need to go through the pile of resumes that have been stacking up for months! And they need to get through them, because Yuletide Cheer looms on the horizon! In this episode there's casino tycoons, mma animals, a moonshiner, an undertaker (not that kind), a knife wielding jeanists!

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    Every year, the staff of PGWW gets together for a company-wide meal, followed by the evening's entertainment: everybody telling the wrestlers how bad they are. This year is Ramon's first year as a presenter, and he tries out some of his material backstage with Power P! P's been doing this for years, but they test out some of their material too. They absolutely take the piss out of a stable of babies, an airhead MMA fighter, a hacker, and a piece of late 90's software!

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    41: Power P and Ramon Order Food

    In a rare off the clock moment, P and Ramon pause to order some lunch and talk about some of the other wrestling shows that happened in the area around the Monster International.

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    IT ONLY HAPPENS ONCE A YEAR! The Monster International! And this year P and Ramon are making sure there are NO screw ups by booking the tournament weeks in advance! Wrestling's real babey!!! There's skeletons, golems, fish, knives, corporate blood dragons, and a celebrity that's two celebrities!

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    39: Human Beings ONLY

    The Monster International is soon! But Power P wants to round out the roster with some jobbers! So this year, they're adding humans! Just regular humans! There's kids from the future, wrestlers from the shore, bodybuilders, wrestlers from the mountains, and someone who may or may not be human at all!

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    Power P is injured!!! In what seems to be a clown related incident! They take this to mean that the company is cursed, so P gets Ramon to come up with as many clown gimmicks as possible to dispel the curse through oversaturation. It makes sense. To them anyways. There's trucker clowns, artist clowns, sports clowns, high class clowns, high concept clowns, and the most terrifying deathmatch of all!

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    37: ScreamFunk

    It's that time of the year! Ramon and P are gearing up for the Monster International! And to scout for it P went to a horror and funk music themed con! In this episode there's masked pianists, tie dye, knives, shotgun guitarists, and music that is impossible for the human hand to play!

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    36: The Punch Drunken Masters Podcast

    This week we have a look into a different side of Ramon's life; his MMA podcast he does on the side! Join him and his co-host Diamond Keegan as they recap the main card of The Rhode Island Inferno 4! Matches covered: "Doubledip" Frank Victor vs Casey "Car Guy" Wight", Tweetybird Sweatpants vs Melissa Melissa Melissa, Nora Ester vs Strangler Percy, and Peter Jorts vs James "Two Toe" Donahue

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    35 - Microsoft Samuel

    P comes in this week not with gimmicks, but with a scouting report! And by scouting report we mean they went and found a bunch of people at a bar that may or may not have been running illegal pit fights. In this episode there's computer voices, reformed polluting victims, too much blood, absolutely yolked authors and THE KEY TO VICTORY

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    34 - The Ragnarok And Roll Express

    Power P's into music now! They never listened to it until they found spotify on their smartphone so this week is all music gimmicks. (Ramon was always into music, for the record. P completely no sells it, spoiler alert.) There's bouncers, coffee themed metal bassists, two eerily similar tag teams, and noisecore artists! It's Pitchfork's favorite podcast episode!

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    33 - The Ivy Leauge Cowboy Stanford Hanson

    It's been a while! What's Ramon been up to? Coming up with a lot of vaugely similar but ultimately completely different gimmicks! In this episode we have College cowboys, doctors, hackers, magicians, extremely old wrestlers, and extremely young wrestlers trying to make it in this economy!

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    32: Opera Singer "The Cursed Verse"

    This week P and Ramon only came up with names with the hopes that the other would be able to come up with the gimmicks. It went okay! There's opera singers, hoarders, stone people, and the most complicated talking fish gimmick to date.

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    31: Ramon Played Every Video Game In A Single Weekend

    Ramon did it! He played all the video games! All of 'em! Didn't miss a single one! And now he's at work and it's a message board's worth of video game gimmicks! We got rougelikes, the president, and stables! Huge stables! With tons of wrestlers!

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    30: Tom Waits: Wrestling Conspiracy Theorist

    It's a bit of a truncated workday this week for P and Ramon. But it isn't short on ideas! Power P reduces a lot of their ideas to their essence, but the small scale of them is hardly meager! This week there's horny historians, horned wrestlers, board game wrestlers, and wrestlers who put things off constantly! Oh, and a Tom Waits soundalike. You can't tell the difference, promise.

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    29: OWO Manyahwaw

    Spring Break's over, The Florida Cup is over, and it's time for Power P and Ramon to get back to what they do best: coming up with progressively bizarre gimmicks that will make Pro Graps Worldwide money! This week there's furries with armor, clowns with armor, cheese hitmen, six guys who almost have the same name, and some body horror!

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    Spring Break ain't over! Ramon and P are keepin' it going by holding a tournament to find out who's the strongest Floridian! There's represenatives from Orlando, Miami, St. Petersburg, Key West, all including drunk dads, banjo playing boxers, and human statues! Get your brackets ready! It's April Madness!!

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    27: SPRING BREAK 2018

    Put on your flip flops and fanny packs cuz this week PGWW is headed to spring break at an as-yet-undetermined tropical location! It's gonna be drinking, partying, drinking, dancing, drinking, and a lot of chill moments interspersed with drinking! There's an alligator, a mix master, a different kind of mix master, her barbarian tag partner, and about 1000 Jack Frosts.

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    26: Time Cube: Squared Sphere:: The Future In 4 Directions

    Time is an outdated construct. Power P and Ramon have finally released PGWW from the shackles of linear time and space and bring wrestling into the future! Of course both of their ideas of the future don't line up perfectly. In this episode there's survivalists, the perfect man, personal assistants, and a lot of very jagged polygons.

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    25: The Hellaware Renaissance Faire

    P and Ramon are taking the show on the road! Specifically to a Renaissance Faire! In Hellaware! There's Friars, Chess Games, Turkey Legs, and one dude from Boston!

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    24: TV Kenny who is Not Max Headroom

    Kids love PGWW now! Who knew?? Now P and Ramon have to come up with mascots to appeal to the kids! In this ep there's a guy with multiple swords, someone stuck in a TV, a combat flower, and the Jerk Chickens return but with names now! Horrible, horrible names.

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    IN ACCORDANCE WITH LOCAL TELEVSION BROADCASTING STANDARDS THIS WEEK'S EPISODE IS 'EDUCATIONAL.' All this means is that Power P and Ramon come up with a bunch of book-themed gimmicks. There's bookmakers, classic characters of many varieties, and plots to make money off of educational content for children!

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    21: Best Of The Gimmick Room 1

    Hey y'all! We're on break for the holidays so here's a best of episode with some of our favorite gimmicks from the past year! Contains segments from episodes 2, 4, 7, 8, 14, 15, and 18!

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    The snow's falling, the lights are up, it's Christmas in the Gimmick Room! Ramon is incredibly hyped and has tons of Christmas gimmicks! Power P is just a big ol Christmas grump though. Can Ramon turn them around? In this episode there's a Nutcracker! A snowman! A Pheasant! There are totally not being listed in a neutral way to cover up something more insidious!

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    19: The Gimmick [Match] Room

    This week Power P tears up Ramon's notes and they come up with a bunch of gimmick match ideas! We're talking glass, blood, lasers, guns, mystery spots, the works. Also Ramon tries to sneak in a few classic gimmicks!

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    AFTER SIX MONTHS THE MONSTER INTERNATIONAL IS HERE!! And half the monsters didn't show up on the day of the tournament! So now Power P and Ramon have to scramble to fill in the rest of the roster! They gotta come up with a lot! Monsters include New York Sasquatches, Glowing Men, two kinds of (ph)frankensteins, dirt monsters, a party girl goat and a dude that animals don't trust!

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    15: Jerk Chickens

    We're so close to the Monster International! Too bad administrative duties have caught up to Power P and Ramon and they have to go through a bunch of resumes this week. But it's okay, Ramon's got a bunch from his friend Walter Dinsey! Nothing suspicious about that! There's cruiserweight fish people, cryptocurrency experts, rude farm animals, and an environmentalist robot

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    14: The Jobber Episode

    Power P and Ramon spend 20 minutes coming up with as many gimmicks as possible to fill the Pro Graps Worldwide roster with jobbers. It's short, but it's dense. (Seriously there are over 60~~~! gimmicks in this episode.)

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    CLOWNS HAVE TAKEN OVER THE TAG DIVISION! A division that has literally two teams. So in this episode Power P and Ramon come with tag teams to fill it out! This time around there's a burger team, a tobacco cat, youtubers, and GHOSTS.

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    THE FREEFORM STYLE CRASHED AND BURNED AND NOW RAMON AND P HAVE TO GO BACK TO THEMED SHOWS. They both cobble together a show based upon the ocean and it goes off the rails almost immediately. We have a dude made of floaties, a math teacher, a crab, college kids, and clowns! (again but this time from the sea)

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    11: Buster Keaton The Wrestler

    Ramon has a good point: PGW has been producing a lot of themed shows so this episode is dedicated to changing it up and getting back to the freeform style we're all used to. Which means the gimmicks are incredibly all over the place. In this episode there's an old stretch toy, a gross guy named "Landfill", a drug using plant, the world's oldest baby, and a wrestler that flies and never stops

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    10: The eXtreme Games

    Power P is blown away by the runaway success of Caramel Kickflip The World's Sweetest Skateboarder! Now they're pressuring Ramon to come up with another winner. Not in candy but in extreme sports. Because that's where the money is. This week has geckos, sad clowns, pizza fighters, and a giant hand.

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    9: Caramel Kickflip: The World's Sweetest Skateboarder

    Ramon had a WILD weekend and he's just bursting at the seams with ideas this week! It's out of control to be honest. There's candy skateboarders, candy microtransactions, a chocolate octopus and a statue! There's a theme this week by the way

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    8: Nova Supernova - The Legend Returns

    Ramon's about to go home but P yanks him back into the writer's room because a PGW legend is coming back! Nova Supernova has been retired for 8 years, and now Power P and Ramon have to come up with how she's gonna return! There's a really rude lady nobody likes, Ben Franklin, and Captain Pollution In An nWo Shirt. That's his whole name. Say all of it.

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    7: Muscle Buster

    Power P's three neighbors across the hall are completely baffling. P wants to hire them. So this entire show is trying to think of gimmicks for these three bozos who may or may not be paying rent. There's a vapor vader, The Endless Runner, and the unstoppable team of VIOLENCE MARTY and RANDY BEAR

    Show notes:

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    6: "Real Ranch" Orville Sockembopper

    Oh god Power P and Ramon haven't been sorting through the awful slush pile of resumes they've been given, so this episode is pretty much all of that. There's a popcorn man, a bullet train, a shoplifter and a musician.

    ALSO WE HAVE A NEW THEME SONG! Thank you to Brian Del Toro for our new original theme song! Check out more of his work at

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    Power P and Ramon weren't even CLOSE to done with halloween stuff. On this episode they're booking an entire tournament of monsters! There's a computer virus, an olympic dracula and a complete slob of a scientist. It's an ugly one, but in a good way.

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    4: Mad Dog 2099

    On this week's episode, Power P and Ramon talk about Marvel 2099 and it's relation to awful malt liquor, guys with big faces, a buffet reviewer and the mollusk she works for, and a liar from the future.

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    3: Danielle "Big Drool" O'Toole

    The Gimmick Room returns! This week Power P and Ramon come up with a MMA Dad, something Attack on Titan related, and Bubsy. Not kidding, Bubsy is in there.

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    2: The Haunted Championship

    Ramon is full of spooky halloween gimmicks this week despite it being november. But he pitches them anyways, much to Power P's chagrin. Seriously, Ramon is 85% halloween ideas and P's basically being tortured by it.

    This is: The Gimmick Room


    3:38 -

    7:45 - Monday Nitro Spring Break basically ruled:

    10:10 - Zach Gowen was a legitimate one-legged wrestler

    10:22 - The coal miner's glove is basically one of the most baffling gimmick matches in history:…pg?v=1339817003

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    1: Robot Police

    Power P and Ramon "Red Eye" Bermudez both work for the company Pro Graps Worldwide. They're locked in the writer's room, and are trying to figure out gimmicks to give to their wrestlers. Unbeknownst to them their sessions are being recorded.

    This is: The Gimmick Room

    SHOW NOTES: 8:45 - Power P is referring to this wrestler: 20:00 - Power P is laughing at this gif: 24:15 - The original video Power P is referring to is gone, but this one pretty much sums up what they're talking about:…itch-that-dont-do 28:17 - La Sombra was a former CMLL star and now wrestles in WWE as Andrade "Cein" Almas. Ramon knew this, he just spaced for a moment.

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