The Gimmick Room

The Gimmick Room

Power P and Ramon "Red Eyes" Bermudez both work for the pro wrestling company Pro Graps Worldwide. P is a retired wrestler, and the Head of Talent Relations, and Ramon is the Head Writer and Booker. Every two weeks they meet up in the writer's room to come up with new gimmicks for PGW. What they don't know is that their sessions are being recorded in secret and being released as a podcast.

((The Gimmick Room is a fictional podcast created by Eli Alaimo and Jonathan Alvarez. PGW is not real. At least not yet.))

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    50: The New Intern Fires A Bunch Of Wrestlers

    P still isn't around, so this week Ramon is working with Marlowe, the new unpaid intern! And Marlowe's first assignment is to fire a bunch of wrestlers! Uh oh. On the chopping block are bikers, alchemists, bowlers, and strap match masters!

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    49: The Punch Drunken Masters II: Hairpulling Is Legal Now

    With Power P out for a while this week we shift to Ramon's actual MMA podcast he runs, the Punch Drunken Masters, where he goes over the news and headlines of the world of MMA with freelance MMA journalist Diamond Keegan. There's injuries! Companies shutting down! Companies coming back! And the dubious legal stances of both body hair and performance enhancing drugs.

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    48: JNCOzuna

    Power P is taking a vacation to go to an MMA training camp to get ready for their big in-ring return this year! So before they leave it's time to go through the resumes that are always piling up. There's anime fans, bad teachers, a giant robot, cigarette lobbyists and an idea that P and Ramon come up with together in a magical moment.

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    47: The Powder Tower in Glastenbury Vermont

    It's Winter Break! The other kind! Power P booked a show at a ski resort and all the gimmicks are snow-themed this week! There's cyberpunks, obscenely strong people, a guy in a hot tub, hot drinks, snowmen, and the return of a classic gimmick, now with Winter Action Accessories!

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    46: Vinny the IT Guy: That's Just How IT Works

    It's a new year and Ramon and P are back on the work grind! But P is on the workout grind as well! Is their comeback training affecting their work? Probably, it's kinda hard to tell. In this episode there's mafia, mafia cities, IT mafia, horse mafia, and giant robot mafia.

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    45: A Clothesline Carol

    On a very special episode of The Gimmick Room, Power P comes to a crossroads in their life when they're visited by three (actually five) spirits who warn them of their future. What's going to happen to Power P in 2019? Are they going to turn over a new leaf?

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    44: Auntie Rotten's Xmas Spectacular

    Ramon tries to skip out on work for a christmas party, but P catches him and makes him come up with christmas themed gimmicks! Honestly it's a real dick move by P. In this episode there's nog, angels, robots, family members who don't have their shit together, and a band that Ramon thought P was making up as a goof.

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    43: Sailor Moonshine's Party Palace

    Procrastination comes to roost as Power P and Ramon need to go through the pile of resumes that have been stacking up for months! And they need to get through them, because Yuletide Cheer looms on the horizon! In this episode there's casino tycoons, mma animals, a moonshiner, an undertaker (not that kind), a knife wielding jeanists!

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    Every year, the staff of PGWW gets together for a company-wide meal, followed by the evening's entertainment: everybody telling the wrestlers how bad they are. This year is Ramon's first year as a presenter, and he tries out some of his material backstage with Power P! P's been doing this for years, but they test out some of their material too. They absolutely take the piss out of a stable of babies, an airhead MMA fighter, a hacker, and a piece of late 90's software!

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    41: Power P and Ramon Order Food

    In a rare off the clock moment, P and Ramon pause to order some lunch and talk about some of the other wrestling shows that happened in the area around the Monster International.

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