The Gimmick Room

The Gimmick Room

Power P and Ramon "Red Eyes" Bermudez both work for the pro wrestling company Pro Graps Worldwide. P is a retired wrestler, and the Head of Talent Relations, and Ramon is the Head Writer and Booker. Every two weeks they meet up in the writer's room to come up with new gimmicks for PGW. What they don't know is that their sessions are being recorded in secret and being released as a podcast.

((The Gimmick Room is a fictional podcast created by Eli Alaimo and Jonathan Alvarez. PGW is not real. At least not yet.))

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    58: X-PacSun

    Have you been to the mall lately? It's full of wrestlers, believe it or not. Sure as hell ain't fulla stores!! HEYOOOOOOOOO. This episode is filled with cigar aficionados, battle robots, alt rock gas station managers and russian dashcam footage!

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    57: Please tell me about Blood Boy

    P and Ramon both made so many garbage-ass puns oh god. There's a boy leaking blood, a lady with a rock skeleton, party kids who love blocks, and a man with the worst typo in the world for a name.

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    56: Hœrségírlê

    Ramon knows how to pronounce it. P doesn't. There's a lot of Jims in this episode. Or rather, Gyms. Gym's? G-eye-ms. Oh and vinegar tricks too. This ep is all over the place.

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    In this episode P and Ramon absolutely fucking butcher the French language. Along the way there's French Canadian Ghouls, a burger franchise heir, moshers in ties, and a discussion abou-GOOGLE CUIL THEORY GOOGLE CUIL THEORY GOOGLE CUIL THEORY GOOGLE CUIL THEORY GOOGLE CUIL THEORY GOOGLE

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    54: Deathmatch For Cutie

    P has some really bad opinions on matinee movies, which sets the tone for the kind of gimmicks they come up with this week! If you had "30 seconds" in the "how long until Ramon gets fed up with P" raffle, congratulations, you won. This week there's gameshow rappers, wrestlers who only work in the morning, elementary school instruments, and emo and ska, together at last.

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    52: The Hirsute Heavyweight Yiff Yusef

    For once, P and Ramon have a normal day at work! And by normal day we mean coming up with some out there gimmicks. There's coffee assassins, a guy who loves bacon, a very hairy man, a bunch of lawyer trees, and the return of a VHS comedy star!

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    51: 4x4 Gotch

    P's back! And turns out their training was watching hours and hours of car racing! It absolutely affects their work. There's centaurs, drafting, tons of jobbers, and the dark and seedy world of wrestling for PINKS.

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    50: The New Intern Fires A Bunch Of Wrestlers

    P still isn't around, so this week Ramon is working with Marlowe, the new unpaid intern! And Marlowe's first assignment is to fire a bunch of wrestlers! Uh oh. On the chopping block are bikers, alchemists, bowlers, and strap match masters!

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    49: The Punch Drunken Masters II: Hairpulling Is Legal Now

    With Power P out for a while this week we shift to Ramon's actual MMA podcast he runs, the Punch Drunken Masters, where he goes over the news and headlines of the world of MMA with freelance MMA journalist Diamond Keegan. There's injuries! Companies shutting down! Companies coming back! And the dubious legal stances of both body hair and performance enhancing drugs.

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