The Gimmick Room

The Gimmick Room

Power P and Ramon "Red Eyes" Bermudez both work for the pro wrestling company Pro Graps Worldwide. P is a retired wrestler, and the Head of Talent Relations, and Ramon is the Head Writer and Booker. Every two weeks they meet up in the writer's room to come up with new gimmicks for PGW. What they don't know is that their sessions are being recorded in secret and being released as a podcast.

((The Gimmick Room is a fictional podcast created by Eli Alaimo and Jonathan Alvarez. PGW is not real. At least not yet.))

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    65: They're Called Deathmatches Because They Defy Death

    In a shocking twist nobody saw coming, Pro Graps WorldWide is in dire financial straits! And P has found out that they can't just fire wrestlers! So they come up with a plan with Ramon to turn PGWW into a deathmatch company for a while, and put wrestlers in increasingly dangerous matches. Whatever happens, happens! There's empty pools, UV light, and an entire hardware store's worth of plunder!

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    64: Worldwide Tussling Performed By Professionals

    Marlowe, the intern who fired a bunch of people a few months ago, is back with their senior thesis on how to improve Pro Graps Worldwide! And P helped write it! It's hell for Ramon! There's sub-based wrestlers, single-word name wrestlers, and a bold new direction for the Pro Graps Worldwide brand!

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    It's the biggest show of the year on the biggest holiday of the year! The Monster International is happening on Halloween! And all the wrestlers beat up Ramon and left the venue so now Ramon and P have to come up with all new gimmicks to cobble a show together! There's horses, sharks (oh god so many sharks), two kinds of squids, marshmallows, and HOLY SHIT THERE'S A MUMMY

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    62: We Just Don't Know How Curses Work

    P's Haunted Apartment has led to further problems: all they can come up with are extremely cursed gimmicks! Ramon isn't helping because his gimmicks are very cursed as well. In this one there's roman immortals, plant blood, glass bones, and waterfall daredevils!

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    61: Dead Men Take No Falls

    Power P's apartment is haunted!!! At least that's what they think! So Ramon helps them go through a number of recently and no so recently deceased wrestlers to figure out which specter is residing in the walls of P's home. There's cigarette smoking bar bouncers, a man with a radiator, a man with a blender, and an old rival and friend of P's!

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    60: ASMR Stretch

    Ramon and P have a meeting that starts as concern for how bad the wrestlers clothing smells and it turns into a regular day at work! In this episode there's wargamers, candy heads, wizards who are spies, and explorers who wrestle but teach children Spanish!

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    59: The Punch Drunken Masters III: Philly Corgan

    We're back in the octagon with Ramon's MMA podcast with Diamond Keegan! This week Ramon reports on WFC Presents: Wisconsin Death Trip [name shortened] and Diamond Keegan gives their input on the latest from the World Series of Stickfighting. Along the way both Ramon and Diamond have a frank discussion about rules and legislation in MMA, and how it's not getting better anytime soon.

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    58: X-PacSun

    Have you been to the mall lately? It's full of wrestlers, believe it or not. Sure as hell ain't fulla stores!! HEYOOOOOOOOO. This episode is filled with cigar aficionados, battle robots, alt rock gas station managers and russian dashcam footage!

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    57: Please tell me about Blood Boy

    P and Ramon both made so many garbage-ass puns oh god. There's a boy leaking blood, a lady with a rock skeleton, party kids who love blocks, and a man with the worst typo in the world for a name.

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    56: Hœrségírlê

    Ramon knows how to pronounce it. P doesn't. There's a lot of Jims in this episode. Or rather, Gyms. Gym's? G-eye-ms. Oh and vinegar tricks too. This ep is all over the place.

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